How Do We Gather

‘Conversion-Worthy’ Leads for You?

Local Marketing

Our marketing campaigns are targeted locally and driven to rope in leads who were looking for just what you have.

Setting Up Contact Options

How do you want your leads to reach you? We can set up communication lines like calls, chats and emails.

Site Optimization

Your website is the face of the company and therefore, we take steps to optimize it to impress the leads.

PPC and Retargeting

We configure PPC ads and set up retargeted marketing to convert those doubtful ones to highly probable leads.

Pay Per Lead

You don’t have to pay us anything until we deliver the genuine leads to you. Nothing more. Nothing less.


The ranking of your website matters a lot in lead conversions and we will use SEO best practices to work at it.

Let the Numbers

Do the Talking


of our leads were converted to customers


of our customers have continued using our services after the first month.


is the average revenue generated by businesses through our leads.

Why Buy from Us?

  • Our Pay Per Lead program is created by the world’s best marketers.
  • The leads will contact you directly or vice versa. No middleman involved.
  • Enjoy risk-free marketing as you only have to pay for what you get.
  • Our lead-gen process is well-researched and well-structured to land leads that have high chances of becoming your customers.
  • We prefer quality over quantity. So, you won’t be bombarded with leads that don’t go anywhere.
  • The ROI on our Pay Per Lead program is very high and worth the investment.

Answers to the Questions

You Have

Pay Per Lead system is good for companies who don’t have to spend thousands on marketing when they don’t know if it will directly add up to the revenue. Instead, in Pay Per Lead, you just have to pay for the qualified leads. Moreover, you can spend money only when you need leads and therefore, have good control over your marketing budget.

We will deliver you leads with full client details to your email, mobile text and whats app ( coming soon )

No, absolutely not. We only charge you for those leads that have good chances at conversions. You don’t have to pay for repeat leads, wrong numbers or any other unconnected leads; just the leads that look like potential customers.

You can set up a monthly budget for the Pay Per Lead program and we will pause it once that amount is reached. Or, when a certain number of leads is reached. You have complete control over how much you need to spend.

However, please note that we cannot promise a certain number of leads in a month. But the best part is, you only have to pay for the qualified leads!

Absolutely not. You don't have to claim or accept leads. They are delivered direct in your inbox and on your mobile as SMS. You only have to initially set your weekly leads requirement, services you want the leads for and areas/cities/suburb you want the leads from. Once you do that we will deliver targeted and customised leads direct to you with full customer details. We can also set everything up for you over the phone, just give us a call on 0308595 5246 and we will do the rest. We want to run with you in your journey and support you where you dont have to spend time on generating leads or claiming them. We will do that for you.

Yes absolutely. Just ask us for an API for your account and we will send you the codes. You can then easily import all of your leads in your CRM within minutes. Simply email us at

At the beginning of the Pay Per Lead program, we will discuss the details of your business and ideal customers. If you have any insights for customizing the type of leads, then please feel free to let us know.

Once we deliver the leads, it’s totally up to your discretion to manage them in any way you need.

We will deliver you leads with full client details to your email, mobile text and whats app ( coming soon ). You can also manage and view leads on your crazy rise dashboard.

We perform extensive research for selecting the leads that fit into your target profile. Unfortunately, if the lead is spammy or the contact number of the lead provided is wrong, then please let us know. You don’t have to pay for such a lead. We will deduct it from the total cost.